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An exclusive and minimalist design by Monochromic.
An iconic & conceptual shape of this emblem of South of France.
A zero waste soap!


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Exclusive and minimalistic design from Monochromic cicada marseille vegetale 95g.

The iconic and conceptual shape of this emblem of the south of France.
No waste soap!


100% authentic, antique soap, made in a factory in Marseille!

Presented in the most original and refined form,

Marseille soap offers a natural, healthy and effective alternative for the whole family

and household.

Made using the ancient method of saponification in pots.

It takes almost 10 days to make our soap,

cooked in pots according to the Marseilles process.

It is a traditional know-how that is invaluable passed down from generation to generation by soap makers,

is always the focus of our soap factory.

Natural and hypoallergenic soap, saturated only with vegetable oils,

without adding preservatives, dyes, fragrances or animal fats.

Easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly product, does not harm the environment

It is an environmentally friendly alternative to cleaning and hygiene chemicals.

The composition is only based on vegetable oils, without chemical additives, preservatives and fragrances

Produced in pots using the Marseille process, which consists of 5 stages

Geographical origin of the Marseille region


It effectively cleans, degreases and stains all surfaces and laundry, even the most sensitive.

Walls, ceilings
There is nothing better than Marseille soap for washing and degreasing walls and ceilings.

Place a handful of soap flakes in a bucket of hot water. Wash with a sponge mop and rinse with clean water.

Regularly clean dirty or yellow iron soles by wiping them with a dry bar of soap when the sole is slightly warm.

Wipe with a soft, dry cloth or a ball of newspaper to make the surface shiny.

Makeup brushes
Regular washing will remove dust and makeup residue that has accumulated over time.

Lightly lather the brushes without squeezing them too hard so as not to damage the bristles.

Repeat the rinse, until the water runs clear. Dry them with a dry cloth and then turn them upside

down to return the brushes to their original shape.

To keep your mattress fresh and clean, all you need to do is wipe the surfaces to be cleaned with a cloth soaked in Marseille soap.

Then iron a glove soaked in clean water, rinse and let dry throughout the day.

Strollers, childcare equipment
Marseille hypoallergenic soaps are ideal for baby care equipment such as

cart, for maintenance. Wash the removable covers in the washing machine with detergent,

which is made from Marseille soap shavings. The non-removable covers are washed with a sponge moistened with soap.

To remove persistent odor stains, rub with soap and a little baking soda, leave for a few hours,

to dissolve dirt, then rinse. Allow to air dry thoroughly.


Wipe the shoes with a soft brush moistened with warm water and Marseille soap and allow to dry without rinsing.

Fogging mirrors
To combat fogging of mirrors, glasses… simply apply a small dab to surfaces

Marseille soap and wipe with a clean cloth. Repeat this tip every month.




Contact the manufacturer CICADA MARSEILLE VEGETALE 95G: https://savon-de-marseille.com/



The product is 100% original. COSMOS NATURAL, certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard,

available at http://COSMOS.ecocert.com/

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