General terms of use for MAGOMEL SIA

1. These Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Use, determine the procedure for using the site www.savon-de-marseille.lv, hereinafter – savon-de-marseille.lv.

2. MAGOMEL SIA, registration number. 42103108459, address: Kleistu iela 2, Riga, LV-1067, hereinafter referred to as MAGOMEL SIA, provides content available on savon-de-marseille.lv and provides services in accordance with the Terms of Use.

3. The user is a natural or legal person who purchases savon-de-marseille.lv or uses other services of savon-de-marseille.lv. Minors from 14 to 18 years of age use savon-de-marseille.lv services only with the permission of a parent or guardian, unless they have their own income.

4. If the User purchases the goods offered by savon-de-marseille.lv, these Terms of Use are considered to be a legally binding document, which sets out the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the purchase of goods, their payment, as well as the terms of delivery and return.

5. If the User buys goods on savon-de-marseille.lv, it is considered that the User has read these Terms of Use and agrees with them. By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the User confirms that he has the right to register and purchase goods in the online store savon-de-marseille.lv in accordance with these Terms of Use.

6. If the User tries in any way to harm the operation, stability, security of savon-de-marseille.lv or otherwise does not comply with these Terms of Use, MAGOMEL SIA has the right to cancel the User’s registration or otherwise restrict the User’s access to the savon online store -de-marseille.lv.

7. MAGOMEL SIA reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement the Terms of Use at any time. When the User makes a purchase on savon-de-marseille.lv, the Terms of Use in the version valid at the time of ordering the goods are applied, therefore the User should read the Terms of Use every time they make a purchase.

8. MAGOMEL SIA reserves the right to change the price of the goods or set a special price for the goods. The goods are sold to the User at prices in effect at the time of ordering the goods.

1. MAGOMEL SIA is released from any liability in all cases when losses arise due to the fact that the Buyer User acts contrary to the procedure for using savon-de-marseille.lv specified in these Terms of Use.

2. In the event of damage, the party at fault shall compensate the other party for direct damage.

3. savon-de-marseille.lv is not responsible for the discrepancy between the non-essential properties of the goods (actual sizes, shapes or shades, etc.), shown in the images of the savon-de-marseille.lv store, with the actual properties of the screen parameters, lighting or due to any other similar external circumstances.

4. MAGOMEL SIA is not responsible for delays in performance or default, or for any other type of default due to circumstances and obstacles beyond the reasonable control of MAGOMEL SIA, including but not limited to strikes, government orders, military actions or national large-scale emergencies. situations, terrorist threats or actions, environmental or climatic anomalies, non-compliance with third party requirements, Internet connection failures and computer and software failures. In case of force majeure, MAGOMEL SIA will try to eliminate the delays as soon as possible.

Protection of personal information
1. Only registered users can shop at savon-de-marseille.lv. By registering on the site savon-de-marseille.lv, it is considered that the User (natural person) has agreed to the processing of his personal data in the manner prescribed by regulatory enactments. When making a purchase, the User must enter his name, delivery address, telephone number and email address. To re-enter the site savon-de-marseille.lv, you must enter your registered email address and password in the appropriate fields.

2. The user is fully responsible for the accuracy of the data specified in the registration form. If the User has indicated inaccurate or incorrect data in the registration form, MAGOMEL SIA is not responsible for the incorrect data and their consequences and has the right to demand compensation for direct losses from the User.

3. By registering at savon-de-marseille.lv, the user receives individual registration data (username and password). The user is responsible for the security of his registration data. The user undertakes to store and not transfer his registration data to third parties on savon-de-marseille.lv. If the registration data is used by a third party, it is considered the User. If the User loses

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