Frequency questions and answers

Frequency Questions and Answers

1. At our Fer a Cheval soap factory, production is based exclusively on the use of saponified vegetable oils without chemical additives, preservatives or fragrances.

2. There are two main types of Fer a Cheval soap: green and beige. They are both made using the same technology in boilers by our master soap maker. The difference between them lies in their composition, namely in the vegetable oils used. Green soap is obtained from olive pomace, 70% olive oil (nutritional properties) and 30% coconut oil (foaming properties).

The beige soap is made from 20% palm kernel and 80% palm oil, which has been imported through the French colonies for over 200 years. They improve the firm consistency of the soap for a more comfortable use. Green and beige soaps are recommended for both toilet and home care applications, such as wet cleaning. We recommend using light soap for textiles.

Fer a Cheval soap consists of no less than 72% of active ingredients made from oil or oil extracts, with the addition of no more than 28% water. The 72% oil mention is written on the top of our soap.

Fer a Cheval stain removing soap is made from sediment collected in soap boilers. They include olive or palm oil, which is used to make the final product. The recipe is the same as that of any of our soaps – it contains only vegetable oils without the addition of chemical additives such as fragrances, dyes, preservatives or animal fat.

However, since we mix boiler residues to make laundry soap, we cannot specify the exact percentage of oil used. This does not apply to other soaps produced in cubes or bars.

Our soap shavings are made from palm oil that the soap factory has been using for over 200 years. This improves the firm consistency of the soap for our industrial grater (fresh olive soap is quite mild).

You can rub olive soap yourself to make your own shavings, however, green pigment may stain on some white fabrics.

Olive soap has a peculiar smell, since historically soap factories used the cake from the second pressing of olives. The first pressure was made to supply the agri-food sector.

The smell also depends on the percentage of olive oil in the soap. The higher the percentage, the stronger the smell. In our case, the olive oil in the soap is 70%. Plus, fresh soap smells more. Our plant-based palm oil soap does not have that specific scent.

Small stains on the soap are due to the concentration of pigments in certain places, which appear during the shaping phase. This mottled appearance does not affect the quality of the soap.

We want to assure you that we pay great attention to the choice of vegetable oils, as we strive to offer you excellent quality soap. We adhere to the same manufacturing process and have been using the same oils for over two centuries. This makes soap a unique product that has been in demand and appreciated by several generations of our customers.

Olive oils come to us from the Mediterranean regions (Greece, Spain, Italy and Morocco). Coconut (palm kernels and palm oil) comes mainly from Southeast Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, etc.). There are also supplies from Latin America (Colombia, Honduras, etc.).

First of all, we would like to assure you that we pay great attention to the composition and production of our soaps in order to provide you with a genuine product of superior quality. Its composition is formulated using only vegetable oils without the addition of preservatives, fragrances or colorants.

Imported through the French colonies for over 200 years, palm oil gives the soap its natural beige color and improves its firm consistency for comfortable use.

Fully aware that there is a big question in society about its impact on the environment, we worked for several months to find new sources of supply that would guarantee sustainable development and production stability.

Fer a Cheval soap and shavings are almost glycerin free. During the production of our recipe soap, glycerin is formed naturally from a mixture of oils and soda. We remove this glycerin by washing with a soapy paste. After molding, our soap contains less than 1% glycerin.

Fer a Cheval soap has a pH of 10 (± 0.5) – the so-called neutral pH, close to the pH of the skin. Our soap has a high pH, which gives it a strong detergency. All types are made from vegetable oils, soda, water and salt.

Fer a Cheval soap is a living product with a unique color and shape that can change depending on exposure to air and light. Nevertheless, the soap retains all its qualities and effectiveness.

Our grandmothers also left soap in the cupboards for many months to make it last longer.

Mēs iesakām izmantot bēša krāsas augu ziepes Fer à Cheval, zaļās ziepes ir ļoti mīkstas. Un, ja jūs izmantojat tās, tad uz dažiem baltiem audumiem var palikt zaļais pigments no olīvām

We do not have vegan certification, however we can confirm that our Marseille soap complies with European directive 1223/2009.

We do not conduct any animal testing and do not use animal fats – only vegetable oils. Only the nail brush is not vegan – it is made from boar bristles.

Fer a Cheval soap consists of no less than 72% of active ingredients made from oil or oil extracts, with the addition of no more than 28% water.

By losing this water, the product loses some of its weight, which is why we mention “net weight” on the packaging. Our quality control department ensures that weights are respected at the final stage of production.

Fer a Cheval soap is usually recommended for skin prone to allergies. However, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist for advice in order to find the most suitable product for you.

We recommend Fer a Cheval soap for washing your laundry because it is hypoallergenic.

Fer a Cheval soap is made exclusively from vegetable oils without the addition of preservatives, dyes, perfumes or animal fats – it is guaranteed hypoallergenic.

If you prefer liquid soap, we recommend a “no scent” product, which is also ideal for gentle washing of sensitive skin.

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Frequency questions and answers

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