1. The right to withdraw from the goods is the consumer’s right to unilaterally terminate the Distance Contract (cancellation of the order) within a specified period, which does not entail the need to pay a fine, interest or compensation for loss.

2. The consumer has the right to exercise the right to refuse the goods and terminate the contract unilaterally within 14 (fourteen) calendar days. The calculation of the period during which it is allowed to use the right to refuse goods starts from the date of receipt by the consumer of the goods or its part (s).

3. After signing the Distance Contract, MAGOMEL SIA sends (to the e-mail address indicated by the consumer) or hands over the refusal form upon delivery of the goods to the consumer, which indicates in writing the name (brand name) of the manufacturer of the goods, his address, and also contains an explanation of the right to rejection of the goods. The consumer notifies MAGOMEL SIA of his intention to exercise the right to refuse goods by e-mail using the Return of damaged products form.

Sending a refusal to MAGOMEL SIA within the specified 14-day period starting from the date of receipt of the goods terminates the Contract and releases the consumer from all obligations under the Contract, with the exception of expenses related to the return of the product or goods to the manufacturer, seller or service provider.

4. In case of using the right to refuse the goods, the consumer is responsible for any decrease in the value of the goods, as well as for the quality and safety of the Goods during the period of exercising this right.

5. The consumer is obliged to return the goods to MAGOMEL SIA within 7 (seven) days after sending the written refusal (if the goods were actually received). MAGOMEL SIA is obliged to immediately, but not later than 30 days after the receipt of the consumer’s written refusal from the goods, return to the consumer the amount of money paid for the goods before the expiration of the Contract. MAGOMEL SIA has the right not to return the amount paid by the consumer for the goods until the consumer returns the goods, or if, upon receipt of the Goods, MAGOMEL SIA states that the Goods have been used and that they are 100% inconsistent with their condition and appearance, necessary for its further sale, in original packaging and with all original documents (if such were attached to the Goods). The consumer is responsible for all damage to the Goods that occurred during the return of the Goods.

The consumer loses the right to return the goods if he opened the packaging of the goods or if he did not notify MAGOMEL SIA about his use of the right to return the goods within 14 days from the receipt of the goods. The fact that the packaging of a cosmetic product is open is regarded as opening the packaging.

6. Mentioned in this section does not apply to cases when goods are purchased by legal entities.

1. Consumer rights are considered violated if:

1.1. when purchasing the Goods, the freedom of choice of the consumer is not respected (the customer received the wrong Goods that he ordered);

1.2. the possibility of obtaining comprehensive and comprehensive information about the Product or its price is not provided;

1.3. the consumer is sold an unreliable Product or a Product that does not comply with the terms of the contract.

2. The consumer is not obliged to accept the Goods if they are delivered without the consumer placing an order.

3. The product does not comply with the terms of the contract if:

3.1. it does not meet the requirements specified in regulatory enactments, as well as those usually put forward – it does not have the properties and performance that are usually inherent in goods of this type and which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the goods;

3.2. it is not suitable for the purposes for which goods with the same name and description are usually used;

3.3. it does not correspond to the quality or its equipment does not correspond to the equipment specified by MAGOMEL SIA at the time of signing the contract or at the time of offering the goods for sale;

3.4. misleading, incorrect information is presented about the product or no information at all is provided, and therefore the product cannot be used for its intended purpose;

3.5. the product is damaged (the product has fallen out of its intended packaging, the inner or outer packaging of the product is clearly damaged).

4. A consumer who has sold or given for use a product that does not meet the terms of the contract has the right to request from MAGOMEL SIA, by sending an e-mail form Return of damaged products, to do one of the following:

4.1. reduce the price of the product accordingly;

4.2. eliminate the non-compliance of the goods with the terms of the contract or reimburse the consumer for his expenses to eliminate this discrepancy;

4.3. exchange the product for the same or equivalent product, which would ensure compliance with the terms of the contract;

4.4. cancel the contract and return the den to the consumer

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